Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Revised: Wednesday December 12 2001

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later

Java 1.1 applets are working with Explorer 4 or later, but you have to select the option Microsoft Virtual Machine or Microsoft VM at the installation process! Otherwise no Java is installed!

A lot of applets are not running correctly with the old Java VM shipped with IE4!

Get the latest Java Plugin for Internet Explorer from SUN or if you prefer the Microsoft VM (very old Java version) get it from here!

Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.X

The Navigator has a built-in Java virtual machine (VM). So you do not have to install the Java VM from Sun.
Navigator is able to run Java 1.1 applets since version 4.06. If you have an older version, the easiest way to run Java 1.1 applets, is to upgrade.

With Navigator 3.0 or earlier versions there is no possibility to run Java 1.1 applets!

In case of problems starting Java applets (e.g. error message "class not found: Stereoscope.class" or "... CAN'T INIT") a possible reason could be that you accessed this page with a Netscape browser 4.x via a proxy server. In this case please follow these steps:

  1. Close all instances of Netscape
  2. Edit the preference-file PREFS.JS using notepad:

  3. This is usually located in a directory /programs/Netscape/Users/USERNAME/, the file is called 'prefs.js'.
    Add or modify the following line:
    user_pref("security.lower_java_network_security_by_trusting_proxies", true);
  4. Start Netscape
If the write protection was not set, Netscape will remove the entry from the 'prefs.js' file.

Get Netscape Navigator!

Netscape 6 or Mozilla

Netscape 6 and Mozilla are based on the same program. To run Java Applets with these browsers you have to install the Java Plug-in from Sun.

The Opera Browser

The Opera Browser uses Sun's Java Plugin to run applets - no problem.

Get the Opera browser!
Get the Java Plug-in from Sun.

Sun's HotJava browser

Sun's HotJava browser uses Sun's Java VM. To run it you have to get the Java Runtime from Sun, too!
I like the HotJava browser very much, because it is small and fast!

Get HotJava
Get the Java Runtime Environment (Java 1.1)

USA Choice Internet Services, LLC does not warrant the above procedures nor is it responsible for any adverse effects as the result of using or installing any of the above programs or procedures. Use at your own risk.